Omnivise Consulting

Who We Are

Our Mission

With a broad industry depth & expertise in Service Management, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Our Mantra is to provide the optimal & cost effective solution by considering the best practices from continuously enhancing digital platforms. We strive to provide the tailored innovation to your distinct business needs by leveraging the wide-ranging choices of processes & technologies. Having extensive service industry experience, we understand, appreciate & help our clients in enhancing the Customer delight & Employee satisfaction.

Omnivise Consulting is a company of dedicated professionals. We are future focused Information Technology solutions business with a heritage in service management in various industries. We bring technical expertise and agility to provide optimised solutions from every (Omni) angle for Utility, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Facilities Management and Essential services provider leaders across Australia and worldwide. 

Extraordinary Experiences

 Our greatest reward comes from positive feedbacks of our delighted clients. It’s not a surprise that they want to share their excitement about the increased Return on investments (ROI) and advantages of their Service Management investments, they have achieved thanks to our solutions and (Omni) advice. The increase in schedule optimisation you’ll see gives you more opportunities for Customer satisfaction, better resource utilisation, first-contact resolution, mean-time-to-resolve and balanced NPS score therefore achieveing operational KPIs, all very important for overall success of the organisation.

Our devoted team of knowledgeable experts will help you succeed in a seamless way. We’ll gladly provide you with comments from past clients on how our service has helped them.

Our Core Values

As developing leader in service management solutions provider, Omnivise consulting helps companies of all sizes and industries deliver their information Technology solutions and strategies better. Our core values make us who we are and guide us serve our customers better.