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Migrate from ClickSoftware to Salesforce Field Service

Did you know that ClickSoftware (a Salesforce company) has announced end of life for few of its globally used Field Service management suite of products. As they say everything has an end of life and when it comes to technology, in certain scenarios it becomes really important to decommission legacy applications because of various valid reasons. These legacy applications and/or platforms are migrated or transformed via Transformation programs.

Transformation programs are typically established to produce a step function increase in organisational performance and to develop new capabilities that previously did not exist in the organisation. These programs are usually driven by a sense of urgency and have a compelling case for action. 

An effective business transformation means your organisation can survive and thrive as you pursue new innovation-driven opportunities that emerge, as you respond to shifting market demands, and as you navigate evolving regulatory complexities.

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What does End-of-life mean ?

End-of-Life means the ClickSoftware product has reached the end of it’s Extended or Sustaining Support term.  Software bug fixes, security updates and technical support are no longer provided.  Purchase or renewal of Maintenance & Support is no longer available.  Renewal or the purchase of term licenses for add-on modules (eg. SLR & ClickDashboard) are no longer offered for product versions that have reached end-of-life. 

ClickSoftware requires Click v8.3 (Service Optimisation 8.3) customers to be on the latest product patch to be able to  receive the extended support until December 2023. Please see below the latest EOL dates from ClickSoftware. 

For more details please refer to Product lifecycle details

Optimal Timelines for Click to Salesforce field service migration

Normally, the timelines for a Business driven change are based on client needs, on client schedules, at a pace that’s both comfortable and best for their business In other cases, timelines are outside of both our and our clients’ control. For example, ClickSoftware 8.3 or 8.x migrations will be reaching end-of-life in December of 2023 and earlier versions will be reaching end-of-life even sooner.

If your company currently uses ClickSoftware (Click v8.3, v8.2,8.1 and/or Click Field Service Edge) or is experiencing issues with unsupported Field Service Management technology, the path forward is extremely important. If you have not initiated a strategy planning on ClickSoftware migration yet, below is a high level pathway to guide you.


What we offer​

Omnivise consulting is unique in its ability to combine technologies with the depth of personnel and experience to successfully upgrade organizations to the forthcoming version of ClickSoftware on-premise or migrating existing customers over to Salesforce Field Service.

At Omnivise consulting , we help our clients untangle the complexities of their field service management solutions with optimised and tailored solutions. Our experienced team has made this journey before, we can serve as that trusted advisor to help you know what to expect and how to succeed.

Are you currently using ClickSoftware V8.x which is approaching end-of-life and/or planning to migrate to a new Field Service Management solution, please contact us today for migration advise. We love to become trusted FSM advisory for our clients.

Our Field Service Solutions

Omnivise consulting is a leading Australian firm specialized in building Field Service management solutions for enterprise clients using the best of cloud, mobile, and responsive web technologies. We serve a global client base, offering Consulting, Technology and Managed Services. Our motto – solutions to make things easier


Vital to the success of the overall engagement. we take a proactive and collaborative approach to ensure we fully understand your business objectives.


Our Certified and Experienced Field Service team including but not limited to experienced Project managers, Certified Architects and consultants ensure the best practices and deliver high standard enterprise solutions.


Highly skilled training staff to assist your SMEs/In-house teams with end user trainings or complete training workshops to end users for the phased rollouts across offices/depots.

Managed Services

Omnivise is your global partner Implementation through Support. Our work does not stop at implementation. Our managed support services encompass on-premise and cloud solutions.

Your Global Partner from Implementation through to Support

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