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Medical Marijuana For Ptsd In Canada
Medical Marijuana For Ptsd In Canada
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Citation: Yasir Rehman, Amreen Saini, Sarina Huang, Emma Sood, Ravneet Gill, Sezgi Yanikomeroglu. Cannabis in the management of PTSD: a systematic review. AIMS Neuroscience, 2021, 83: 414-434. doi: 10.3934/Neuroscience.2021022 medical marijuana for ptsd in canada: Multiple news sources and research papers have come out showing the effectiveness of cannabis against PTSD. Even more, is, that studies are showing that cannabis can help improve mood and brain function. In fact, In one study featured in Healthline and published by the University at Buffalo, found that "introducing cannabis into the system of an animal test group may help restore normal levels and function" and therefore ease symptoms of depression and PTSD. According to Canadian epidemiologist, M.J. Milloy, the prevalence of PTSD amongst Canadians is a "pretty substantial health problem." More disconcerting, Milloy states: "We haven’t been able to develop any good treatments. There’s talk-therapy and the use of anti-depressants. But by and large, people with PTSD are really suffering alone." A preventative measure for developing PTSD according to medical marijuana dispensary los angeles professionals is to avoid trauma. This notion however proves impossible for first responders. Further, despite mental health education and wellness training, there is little indication that these programs actually work.

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medical marijuana dispensary los angeles
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