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Your bio is featured at the top of your TikTok profile and provides information about you or your brand. Your bio is the perfect place to add a link to your Teespring store or listing, and you can add wording such as ‘shop my merch below’ to draw more eyes to the link. To track the number of clicks your bio link is generating you can use a bitly link like @thedottist [30.7K followers] has below. If you want further analytics insight such as the number of visitors and purchases your bio link drives, you can take advantage of Teespring’s Google Analytics Integration too. Additionally, TikTok is an amazing platform to build a fanbase on.



However, it’s important to remember that many social networks first become popular with younger users and then expand to other audiences. Even if advertising on TikTok isn't right for you right now, it's a good idea to learn about the process so you can be prepared. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being original on TikTok, and in fact some of the most successful TikTok influencers out there have become successful through being original.



Say they’re very likely to follow an influencer’s recommendation, and 67% say they had no negative reaction to sponsored influencer content whatsoever. Think you’ve got a fresh perspective that will challenge our readers to become better marketers? We’re always looking for authors who can deliver quality articles and blog posts. Thousands of your peers will read your work, and you will level up in the process.



Make sure to use specific hashtags relevant to your challenge. Using hashtags promotes your challenge and allows the algorithm used by TikTok to promote your music video onto other user's homepages. Not to mention, the feature also comes in clutch to help users customize the demographic of their target audience, according to the site. Keep in mind, there is also an "Automatic" option that allows TikTok to pick your audience for you. TikTok’s promotion feature gives users several options on how they’d like to boost their account. Many social media users utilizing the promotion feature on Instagram may believe TikTok's feature is the same.



Inauthentic activity is certainly not limited to just TikTok. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social networks have all shifted more focus on detecting and buy packages trying to remove inauthentic accounts, especially in the last few years. Some campaigns have involved PR agencies peddling lies on behalf of clients; governments pushing out divisive messaging, or political spin doctors doing much of the same. By buying followers, likes, and views, our own shoddy TikTok video climbed up the hashtag rankings. The social media giant TikTok on Tuesday explicitly banned certain types of anti-LGBTQ content and speech on its platform. Survey, 49% of TikTok users said they’ve purchased something after seeing it advertised, promoted or reviewed on the platform.



The average engagement rate on TikTok in the UK is an incredible 14.7%. This audience does not tolerate insincerity, inauthentic content, or lacklustre disruptive ads, people come to TikTok to be entertained. Brands must entertain audiences if they want to win and hold their attention, and making TikToks is the single best way to do this.



They paired their Branded Effects sticker with a hashtag challenge that generated over 100,000 videos of user-generated content. TopView ads on TikTok are videos that appear once a day, immediately after a user opens their app for the first time. Here's an example of a TopView ad by candy company M&M that they've created to advertise a virtual Halloween experience. These ads bring a new interactive shopping experience to TikTok, making them a fantastic e-commerce solution for businesses. Read more about buy Instagram packages here. As of now, businesses have reported a 13% increase in CTR and homepage visits from using the feature.



These hashtag sponsorships last between 3 and 6 days and appear in the Discovery tab. As TikTok has scaled its ad business, its ad prices have been steadily increasing, too. Bloomberg noted this summer it was jacking up home page takeover ads, its most valuable real estate, to more than $2 million on top days — like holidays.



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